I am super excited about this particular #IndependenceMondays feature. I met Kelvin many years ago in high school.

Not too many now! I am still in the 30 and under club! HA! Anyway, I was tagged in a video of Kelvin a few months ago on Facebook and I was blown away! When I feature someone on Independence Mondays, it only applies to emerging talent that has the capability of changing the scope of music.

Today, labels force what makes money on radio. In turn, it falls on your ears. When you hear it enough it starts to get the spins needed that create shows, appearance, and tours. I will admit I like some ratchet turn up in my life, but I also NEED great music in my life.

Kelvin’s music gives you just that. I truly think he is a talent that could change the scope of R&B. We alllll know that R&B is a format has so much talent, but gets the least bit of attention. That is why Tyrese’s album being number 1 and style in which he promoted it was so big.

Kelvin has that type of talent. Talent to be number 1. Now, I am not just saying this because we went to school together. To be honest, I wasn’t aware he could SANNNG in school. I am saying this because good music is just that. Good music. Looking to for someone to hire to sing a dope hook or verse on a song? He is your guy. Checkout his stuff below. Also visit his website¬†http://www.kelvinarmstrongmusic.com/

Straight heat!