Could you imagine that your direct deposit came in and then you didn’t have access to your money? I would be HELLA pissed.

I’m talking about fly to the headquarters pissed! There were a lot of people 38 hot with Rush Card because their systems went down and they didn’t have access to their money. I read an article about this on Project Casting and it talked about 65 million individuals that didn’t have a bank account.

It got me to wondering what causes individuals not to have a bank account. If you are individual that is living check to check, direct deposit can still work for you. For some, credit can be an issue that causes them to not have a bank account. With that being said, I don’t understand why banks cannot have an alternative.

An alternative that doesn’t put Americans in a cash only situation or even a situation where they have to use these type of pre-paid cards. The fees are so high and it really puts people in a situation where they are monetarily raped because they have no other choice. There has to be a better alternative to this situation.

Dear banks, come up with something better.