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Roman Harper Cracked Helmet During Panthers Playoff Game

This past Sunday was a serious game for #PantherNation. Roman Harper posted a video to the Gram to show just how hard they were pounding. This allegedly occurred when tackling Marshawn Lynch.

Only one hashtag needed: #KEEPPOUNDING

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Fresh Off The Tube: ILoveMakonnen Drops Video For “Big Gucci”

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Guess Who Puts Money On Apollo’s Books

Well let me tell you, I am not talking about Phaedra. I am not saying that she doesn’t do it, but Apollo called TMZ to give them a lil juice!

He says that Kandi and Todd have to come to rescue. They take his calls and even put money on his books! Well I just be […]

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Audio Of J. Anthony Brown Quitting

This radio business can be cut throat for real. Listening to this audio lets me know just how fed up J. Anthony Brown was.

When I first heard the story of the plan to get Tom Joyner out, I said nooo can’t be. I understand the point of people aging out, but the whole best friend […]

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Rush Card Users Locked Out Of Their Accounts

Could you imagine that your direct deposit came in and then you didn’t have access to your money? I would be HELLA pissed.

I’m talking about fly to the headquarters pissed! There were a lot of people 38 hot with Rush Card because their systems went down and they didn’t have access to their money. I […]

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Die Hard Prequel On The Way

Project Casting has put out that there is a prequel on the way to Die Hard. Now I can’t front, it maybe weird, but Bruce Willis is my old white man crush.

Call me crazy, but honey, when he was in the Perfect Stranger with Halle Berry, I was like ok dear sir. Either way, for […]

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Vonyetta Chats It Up With Monica

I had the opportunity to sit down with Monica. She is one of my favorite R&B artists and this interview was an honor!

Check it out below!

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Bad Publicity Stunt Or Just Plain Crazy

Chief Keef is no stranger to mess! He is also no stranger to legal issues and babies! Keef was said the be the father of a baby recently.

Keef spoke to TMZ and he claimed to not be able to decide if the child was his or not. I mean “DANA” aka DNA doesn’t lie. Either […]

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#Independence Mondays – Kelvin Armstrong

I am super excited about this particular #IndependenceMondays feature. I met Kelvin many years ago in high school.

Not too many now! I am still in the 30 and under club! HA! Anyway, I was tagged in a video of Kelvin a few months ago on Facebook and I was blown away! When I feature someone […]

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Lil Zane Drops A New Song

Lil Zane is back with a new banger. Now, I saw the teaser for it on Instagram, and I didn’t think the song was a bad song.

As far as features go, Lil Scrappy and Jacob Lattimore are featured. Check it out :)


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