#IndependenceMondays – Street Poet

Where do I start. From the first time I saw Street Poet perform, here energy was through the roof! She brought the heat!!

The first single I heard from here as well as performance was “Fool Up.” She had the crowd rocking and before the end of the song, they knew every single word!

That is very […]

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Confederate Flag Coverage Recap

The lowering of the Confederate Flag was watched around the world. The very same day it was lowered, I drove to Charleston to get footage for my documentary, #IAMCAROLINA

Visiting Mother Emanuel was a soul touching experience. What was also an amazing experience was providing coverage via the outlet God has blessed me with amazing talent […]

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Safaree Gets A New Reality Show

Honey, I think I may have saw this coming a half a mile away. Safaree had to get a new boo. And she had to be just as bad if not badder than Nicki.

He has released new music and more to keep his relevancy alive. He recently took to The Gram to let us know […]

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Gunplay Releases Album Cover

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Independence Mondays: Bethany Rae

There is a lot I can say about Bethany, but talented is the biggest one. Everyone says the same thing. That they all have talent, but don’t.

Bethany’s all around sound, performance, stage presence and more bring something amazing to the stage. I first saw Bethany when she performed at the 2014 South Carolina Music Awards. […]

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Floyd Mayweather Talks Life After Boxing

As much as some may not “feel” TMT, you have to admit, Floyd is an exceptional athlete at his craft. I watched this particular documentary and I think you will be pleased to hear what he has to say.

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#MusicHeat – “Biggie” From Ray Jr.

You all know I love a good turn up. Just take my pearls off and turn into a little ratchet being honey. I am that cute chick in the club that knows ALL of the words to EVERY ratchet song. LOL

But on the real, I just love good music! It’s my job to introduce you […]

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Is Hip Hop The New Slavery? -Making The Game Work For You

I know some of you reading this are thinking what in the hell is she thinking. I understand what you are saying, but hear me out.

I hear people saying, I want a deal. But the real question is, do you really want that. Being independent is a real struggle, but the benefits that you reap […]

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#KickItWithCam Kickball Tournament Fun

This past Friday was an awesome day. I previously signed up to play in a kickball tournament put on by The Cam Newton Foundation.

Each team was sponsored by a company. The team was made up of a combination of players and professional athletes. Eddie Cane, Big Mike, and Rakim Cox were amongst some of the […]

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#IndependenceMondays – Marcus Allen – Next To Blow

When I developed the idea of #IndependenceMondays I had to figure out what was the best way I could promote independent artists from all over the world. But then I thought, what other better way than to connect independents with each other.

If the music, brand, and artist is hot, then let me feature them on […]

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