Independence Mondays

#Independence Mondays – Kelvin Armstrong

I am super excited about this particular #IndependenceMondays feature. I met Kelvin many years ago in high school.

Not too many now! I am still in the 30 and under club! HA! Anyway, I was tagged in a video of Kelvin a few months ago on Facebook and I was blown away! When I feature someone […]

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#IndependenceMondays – Street Poet

Where do I start. From the first time I saw Street Poet perform, here energy was through the roof! She brought the heat!!

The first single I heard from here as well as performance was “Fool Up.” She had the crowd rocking and before the end of the song, they knew every single word!

That is very […]

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#IndependenceMondays – Marcus Allen – Next To Blow

When I developed the idea of #IndependenceMondays I had to figure out what was the best way I could promote independent artists from all over the world. But then I thought, what other better way than to connect independents with each other.

If the music, brand, and artist is hot, then let me feature them on […]

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Tinke Ratchet Commandments

Tink is standing some 1,000 feet in the air, practically nose-to-glass with the windows that wrap around the Signature Room, a restaurant as tony as it is touristy, nestled on the top floor of downtown Chicago’s John Hancock Center. It’s unusually clear and sunny for December, which, according to the Signature’s website, means that nearly […]

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