#Independence Mondays – Kelvin Armstrong

I am super excited about this particular #IndependenceMondays feature. I met Kelvin many years ago in high school.

Not too many now! I am still in the 30 and under club! HA! Anyway, I was tagged […]

#IndependenceMondays – Street Poet

Where do I start. From the first time I saw Street Poet perform, here energy was through the roof! She brought the heat!!

The first single I heard from here as well as performance was “Fool […]

#IndependenceMondays – Marcus Allen – Next To Blow

When I developed the idea of #IndependenceMondays I had to figure out what was the best way I could promote independent artists from all over the world. But then I thought, what other better way […]

Tinke Ratchet Commandments

Tink is standing some 1,000 feet in the air, practically nose-to-glass with the windows that wrap around the Signature Room, a restaurant as tony as it is touristy, nestled on the top floor of downtown […]